Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Staying in Your Creative Flow

Living and working as an artist requires the ability to access that wonderful flow that allows creativity to flourish and bloom.

Although a trained art teacher when I began to work professionally as an artist in the early nineties my creative flow would often become stuck. I needed to learn how to keep my work both flowing and evolving for both myself and my clients.This was not always easy so I started a blog to strengthen my own creativity and was quickly surprised at the rating it received from Google.

People around the world were responding to my posts and the posts were also empowering me to take my own works in new and unexpected directions.

Although it became necessary to close down my blog I saved the blog posts and now have put nineteen of them on Kindle Direct Publishing in a convenient phone download size for ongoing inspiration.
There is also a hard copy version of the posts for those who prefer this format.


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