Monday, September 1, 2014

Writing A Tumultuous Love Affair

Writing can sometimes feel like a tumultuous love affair.

It brings all parts of you to life yet sometimes it is difficult to enter the unknown doors that it opens.

There are days you finish your writing and feel really alive and others when you feel confused by the messy and dark passages that have emerged.

I wrote my first novel during what I now see as a very dark time in my life and look back with compassion on the person I was who needed to write out about the world I saw around me.

I found the editing a cathartic process on so many levels. This was a complex time in my life and now revisiting from the luxury of time I can understand why I wrote as I wrote and how it helped me heal on so many levels.

If you are a writer you will know the deep inner need that arises  and compels you forward with your works.

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