Monday, September 8, 2014

Does Self Publishing Work???

Yes self publishing does work.

It takes time and discernment but in today's digital world it is the way forward.

For those who need to write it provides  possibilities that with time and effort bring opportunities.

My personal choice for self publishing has been Draft2digital and I can only speak highly of their services. It took a lot of web searches to make this decision.

Draft2digital has an easy-to-use portal that can convert your manuscript into an expertly-formatted eBook. They also publish your book through some of the industry's most powerful retailers.

If you need more help than portals like Draft2digital offer there are also self publishers where you can pay for help on all levels including the actual publishing. Balboa for example has paid promotion services if you buy your publishing with them.

Other authors I know also pay for editing services.

As a former English teacher I do my own editing and then add my finished word document to the Draft2digital portal which converts it to a book format.

It was with apprehension I added my first book Contrite Hearts to the Draft2digital portal but the results left me feeling excited at the possibilities ahead.

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