Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I Write

All my life I have written.

It has been a healing thing and even as a child I would retire to my room, write a poem and come out feeling renewed as if I had walked on a beautiful beach.

Novels of course take much longer and yet they were for me the same process.

My first published novel was written in Sydney in the eighties, a time I personally found difficult because of the conflicting values I saw around me.

Developing my characters in this book empowered me to be strong and cope with this world.

I later wrote on Australia's Gold Coast in the nineties as I recovered from breast cancer treatment and waited to see if my employer would give me back my teaching position.

The characters are very different from the Sydney characters of ten years before but in spite of their naughtiness I did come to love them and writing my several pages each day again empowered me at a particularly vulnerable period of my life.

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