Monday, January 5, 2015

One Person Many Inner Voices

As both an artist and writer I have discovered over the journey of our life we can have many inner voices.

The painting above is from a period of my life when my voice felt very confined. I completed a series of interior paintings which became collectors' items. These works had their own beauty but for me reflected a time of darkness and confusion on so  many levels.

My first published novel Contrite Hearts although written during a different phase of my life also reflected a similar voice . Writing this novel was an act of survival for my inner voice at a time when my outer voice had no means of expression.

Redemption Towers was a different voice again. It was a reflection of a different time and place and an important act of survival when after  breast cancer I had to wait to see if my teaching job would be given back to me.

In a rapidly changing world finding our inner voice can be a struggle and many different voices can emerge as life throws different experiences our way. These voices may differ widely but their truth to our inner reaction to our life circumstances is no less true.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Writing and Sharing Stories

Writing is about listening to the voices within but how we share these stories is rapidly changing.

I download my word documents through Draft2digital which I love for the ease of its software, and their generous and reliable service.

Through their software I can create both eBooks and Paperbacks.

Their eBook publishers include Kobo where you can download a free App which will sync your download to all digital devices and ITunes.

My book is also sent via Draft2Digital to Nook Books

Barnes and Noble  who have Nook books also market the Paperback.

Paperbacks are all downloaded via Createspace at Draft2digital which also enables the paperback to be available at Amazon

A lot of different publishing options. But today that is how we share our stories.

These new and exciting options are are enabling so many diverse and varied voices to add to the richness of our experience.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Seeds to Write Lie Deep Within Us All

The seeds to write lie deep within us all, awakened by need or by circumstance.

My two published novels were both written at different times in my life when the need was great.

Reading them and reworking them for publication has allowed memories to linger from these different periods of my life.

Seeing the vulnerability of my characters assisted me to have compassion for myself and the person I was in these years.

Searching my artworks I found the image above that had the same resonance as Contrite Hearts, the excitement of the city night, the plentiful colorful lights and the hidden darkness.

I am pleased now I sat down and wrote during those times and that the echoes of those years now live for others to share.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finding Redemption on a Gold Coast Beach ???

The paperback edition of Redemption Towers is now available.

In the early nineties I sat in my small apartment on a Gold Coast Beach and wrote a book that brought me back to life.

I was a young teacher who had just spent months in breast cancer treatment, was unsure whether I would be reemployed and had a new mortgage. Life was somewhat dark.

So I created the larger than life characters of Redemption Towers.

These characters were very naughty, and very colorful but they also had the resilience and strength to find a redemption that also became my own.

An Exert from `Redemption Towers'

He was drowning, drowning, drowning, no air, no escape. Tim Murphy thrashed desperately against the waters entombment. There was no way out, he succumbed to the inky blackness. His youth, life, promise lost to the swirling surf.

He woke covered in sweat, his heart beating at a dangerous rate. How many times had he had this dream? Why couldn’t he escape? It had been thirty years.

He felt a hand on his back. “You having a nightmare?”

Kim he had forgotten she was here. Sixty kilograms of oversexed silicone and twenty three. Now she was awake she would be wanting more action, he really was getting passed all this. Thank God Elizabeth would be back tomorrow. Kim’s repertoire apart from her magnificent appendages had proved more enthusiasm than skill. Not that his wife gave a damn who he went with, but Kim wouldn’t be clever enough to work that out.

“I’m just going to the bathroom for a minute.” Kim proprietorially wrapped herself in Elizabeth’s silk house gown and padded across the plush carpet, passed the raised spa bath to the ensuite.

She was back in a few minutes smelling heavily of Elizabeth’s newest perfume and emanating an energy which meant at least another hour of solid action for Tim. Well at least she would do the work, he lay there wishing for his sleep and letting his thoughts wander.

Would he ever be able to get rid of the guilt, the dream? Perhaps he should see a shrink? No, that couldn’t change the events and why entrust someone else with the knowledge? At present the lips of those who knew were well and truly sealed.

It was best to go on as he was, living his life so fully there was never time for the images to surface. The man driven by so much drive and ambition his name was now a household word, his wealth and properties legendary. A man for whom the Kim’s of the world were just another temporary bedroom decoration.

She was on top of him now, her youthful energy pounding away with such enthusiasm he had soon reached the state of oblivion he craved.

Exhausted he fell gratefully into a sleep too deep to be haunted by dreams."

Also available as an eBook on all devices.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Healing Power of Writing

From the ongoing peace of a simple sustainable lifestyle it has been a powerful journey to revisit the novels I wrote in the eighties and nineties.

As the characters in each novel struggle with the confused values of their decades I understand now why I needed to pen their confusion and find resolution for my own inner peace.

From the renewed health and balance I now find in a simple sustainable lifestyle I look back from the distance of time with compassion and empathy for my confused and naughty characters.

These characters lives are so far removed from my own current aspirations yet in those decades their worlds were the places in which I was looking to find happiness and within a voice was really struggling.

I hope all who read Contrite Hearts and Redemption Towers will enjoy the books resolutions and find the same compassion in their hearts for those confused decades that I have now found.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Creating Your Own Paperback Cover

As an artist I have been determined to create my own cover for my new paperback due out soon using my own images. But not being very technical it has taken a lot of time and research to find a way I could do this.

The company through whom I publish enables you to download a template and yes I did that but then I was stuck. What next? It sat on my image software and all of the buttons I clicked did nothing.

It was time for more internet research. Another template downloaded and more frustration at my general lack of knowledge in this area of expertise.

Finally when I was about to give up and admit the task was beyond me I struck gold and discovered Book Cover Pro who actually had software I could fathom.

Today have just downloaded my new cover to my publisher and have my fingers crossed I have met all the required specifications.

Am now hopeful with my new software will soon be producing professional covers for any future paperbacks.